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Unlock New Treasures with Our Trading Policy at Designer Thrift Store!

When you trade in your gently used merchandise with us, you unlock the door to a world of possibilities. Our trading policy is designed to reward you with trade credit that you can use towards your next exciting find in our store.

For years, our consignment customers have enjoyed the benefits of earning a fair percentage from the sale of their items. It's a win-win situation that keeps our community thriving!

We wholeheartedly welcome clean, high-quality goods in excellent condition. The trendier and more stylish your items are, the more our customers will desire them. With your treasures finding new homes, you're not only refreshing your style but also contributing to the excitement of fellow shoppers.

Discover the thrill of trading and shopping with us.

Contact Designer Thrift Store for more details about our trading policy and embark on a journey of exploration, style, and smart savings today!

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